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Photos Of The Man Who Decided To Change His Appearance So As To Look Like A Cat

Dennis Avner who was born on 27th August 1954 in Wildbey Island In Washington, he was very obsessed with cats that he dicided to look like one.

At age 23, Avner underwent 14 surgeries, he tattooed his face, reshaped the shape of his nose, mouth and ears. He also changed his name to Stalking cat.

In 2012, he committed suicide and no one knows the reason behind it.

Up untill his death Dennis held the record of the most permanent transformation person in the Guinness Book.

His story is the most weird one with people wondering what pushed him to do it. During one of his interviews, he said he felt like there was something missing before the transformation.

It's been 11 years after he passed away but he is till remembered and his record is still unbeaten. May he continue Resting in peace.

Below are some of his photos

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