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' Maajabu Haya' Meet The Dog Who is Worth Ksh 56 Billion, Travels By Private Jets And Owns Many Cars

Just recently, Actually for the better part of this week and last week, Kenyans were surprised by the news of a female college student whose bank account was found with over Ksh. 100 Million. Thinking the money was obtained from fraud of drug dealing, authorities froze her account and set forth to investigate the source of the money. To their surprise, the money was gifted the girl by her Mzungu boyfriend.

More surprising details have emerged of a dog who is worthy millions of money. The German dog named Gunther VI is estimated to be worth KSh 56 Billion and he inherited the wealth from his grandfather.

He travels by private jets and owns several cars. The grandfather, Gunther III acquired the wealth some 30 years ago after it was left to him by his devoted owner.

Since then, a group of handlers have faithfully looked at the fortune ensuring the bloodline of the Gunther's live a comfortable life and enjoy the wealth.

The dog, Gunther VI who is the current owner of the property is planning to sell a house which is worth KSh. 3.5 Billion.

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