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Remember The Newborn Baby Saved By A Dog? See His Cute Photos

A newborn baby happened to make headlines sometimes back after his life was saved by a dog. This unexpected incident unfolded in the Northern Thailand. Many people all over the world were excited by the dog's 'humane' action of saving the newborn baby who had been buried by his teenage mother.

Some of the members of the public had a chance to see these trending photos whereas others just heard about it but never saw it,in terms of the trending pictures.

The incident happened after the alleged teenage mother aged 15 years old buried her newborn baby alive in the urge of hiding her pregnancy from her parents.

It was through the owner of the dog identified as Ping Ping who noted a abnormal behaviour of his dog which was digging in a field while barking loudly. On moving closer to where the dog was 'digging', he strangely noticed a baby's leg sticking out of the ground. He hurriedly informed his neighbours, and together they took the baby to the nearest hospital where he was washed and doctor's declared him healthy,alive and kicking.

See some of this lucky baby's cute photos below;

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Newborn Northern Thailand Ping Ping


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