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How You Can Make Money In Poultry By Avoiding Death In Your Chicks

Every poultry farmer starts the poultry farming business with an aim of selling eggs or selling meat. Other farmers decide to start selling of chicks or even matured hens.

Do you know you can make good money from the chicks by doing all you can to avoid death of your chicks? In this article am going to inform you how you can avoid death of the chicks especially day old chicks and make good money from selling Eggs or Meat.

To ensure that you avoid death of the chicks do the following;

1) Before the chicks are hatched ensure you prepare the brooder days before so that the chicks can get heat.

2) On day one provide your chicks with clean water and in water add liquid paraffin in it to help the chicks in digestion.

3) Give your chicks enough feeds so that they can drink enough water to help them in digestion.

4) Provide light for the chicks for 17 hours atleast because they need light to eat more and drink water to help them grow faster.

5) Provide enough heat for the chicks in case you want to know your chicks are feeling cold they come together near the source of heat and if they are scattering away from the heat the heat is too much.

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