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Reasons Why You See A Cat In Every Booming Shop

A cat is one of the pets loved by many and you'll always see it in homes, hotels and business places. Different people have various reasons for having a cat in their shop and this article outlines four of the many reasons.

Pest Control

One of the disgusting things in shopkeeping is to wake up to a mess of torn sachets and packets lying on the shelves damaged by rats. Therefore due to this reason most shopkeepers consider having a cat in the shop to keep off rodents and pests that wander inside the shop.

Attracting more customers

Having a friendly cat that meets customers at the entrance will help in having more customers coming to your shop. To those that love pets will keep on coming in order to see the cat around as they make their purchase.

Keeping the business owner company

Shopkeeping is one of the boring tasks especially when customers are not around to be served. In this situation the shopkeeper will spend time with the cat as it will keep you lively and happy as the cat sometimes cuddles and this releases tension due to stressful work.

The shop is like any other home

Cats like any other pets might be homeless as a result of the owner chasing it away or the owner vacating his or her home and leaving the cat behind. In this situation the cat will start looking for a new home where it can be welcomed and this is how some find their way into the shop. Above reasons explain why you always see a cat in a shop, some always get scared when they see these cats and always associate them to black magic which is not always the case. So if you meet a cat when doing your shopping always learn to get along with it and if stressed you can play with it for a while before doing your shopping and I promise you'll be relieved.

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Pest Control


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