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Wonders Will Never End, Kenyans Reactions After This Photo Resurface Online

Dogs are mainly known to be kept for security purposes. Besides security offering, some keep them as pets to keep them company at home. In villages, dogs are used for hunting as well. This means that these animals are very important in human beings life.

Dogs normally becomes the best friends to human beings when they are treated well and taken care of by their bosses. Just like the photo below, the dogs have showed their loyalty to their boss who have passed away. They have gathered around the casket of a person who is allegedly said to be their boss.

According to the Kenyans who met this photo which is taking up the internet, the dogs showed great act of loyalty to their bosses. This is even beyond what other human beings do to their friends when they die.

Majority argued that these dogs are now competing with human in being human to one another especially during such bad times. The dog's boss is also being mentioned that he was a dear one to them and that is why they are with him and they have lost good person who was taking care of them.

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