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9 Signs Showing That Your Cat Loves You lots More

Some say that cats are not friendly but that is hardly the trut. This is because, it is true that cats are not as good at showing emotions as dogs does, but they still do it in their little simple ways. For you notice it, you have to be sharp and most importantly, feel it. Here are important signs that show your cat loves you dearly.

Love bites.

The cat bit your fingers but hopefully not too hard while playing with it. This is a sign of love for you.

Following and lingering around wherever you are.

This shows the cat recognize your presence and feel good while with you.

Kneading and needing their master.

If you are very close to it, I will wait while relaxing or not busy and relax sitting on you.

Twitching the tips of their tail.

This is very common while you call it.It also happens when you have been away for a while.

The power of the purr.

It used its head purr on your had or leg, a sign of being in need of playing.

Eye contact with a kitty or kiss if you are lucky.

Bringing you ‘presents’.

If it goes hunting it may bring home a prey.

Your cat will flash you their tummy.

This is when they want grooming.

Your cat has a thing for head butting you.

This is swiftly done and with lots of love.

Do you experience any of this with you cat?

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