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'Do rats disturb you at your home?' Here is the best modern Trap Device (VIDEO)

Many people in the world experience the effects of the destructive rat found in our homes. The rats are especially found in stores where cereals are stored. Despite a variety of techniques to kill the rats, some even keep cats in their home to do away with the rats. Cat is not an efficient way because the rats can choose to stay in holes for which the cat can't access.

The rats are not that selective, they destroy cereals like maize, millet, sorghum and wheat. They go an extend of tearing clothes in the house so long as they can access them. Following that, in this article there is a modern trapping device invented that is used to trap rats as per the video in the link at the end of the article.

The device is caged with glass material,at the top fixed a bend pipe with wire mesh and a strip of wire mesh that connects the top of cage and the ground. For the device to work, food materials are spread at the bottom of the cage and inside. The rats get trapped in the cage going to feed on the food as in the video below as per the link.

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