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University Student Who Kept Beautiful Chicken As Pets Explains How The Project Turned Profitable

Denis Kinara, a student in Mombasa who pursues bachelor's degree in business and economics says he made good use of his holiday that was brought uncertainly by Covid-19. According to Denis, he started a small project of keeping beautiful breed of chicken known as Silkies Chicken.

This breed is always kept in many homes today as pets while not for meat or eggs as you may think. The breed is very attractive due to its beautiful plumage that covers all its body.

Denis also explained that Silkies Chicken is totally different from the breeds of chicken due to their outstanding features. These features Includes; five toes on each leg yet the other breed has four, black skin and bones and blue earlobes.

They have calm temperament and very friendly to man. They lay upto about three eggs per week. Their eggs also deviates from the normal ones since they are somehow greyish and shinny.

Each egg of Silkies Chicken is sold at Ksh 250. The chicken itself goes at Ksh 2,200 while their chicks maybe sold at a range of Ksh 1,100 to 1,600 with respect to their sizes and age.

In the video shared by Citizen TV, Denis says that he just started with a small number but today he has a good number that can earn him hundreds of thousands.

You can watch the video via the link below:

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