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Never Do These 2 Things Incase You Are Around Geese, Otherwise You Will Regret

One day you can be feeding the geese, and then find yourself being attacked. You may be walking to your car in the parking lot the next day and guess what? That goose just wants to give you a chase. What will you do?

Nearly everyone has had some nasty experience with geese. If not, you have probably heard of someone's experience. It might have happened near a lake, at a farm or even your front yard. You see a regal goose and for some reason or another it comes at you, honking with wings spread wide.

There certainly must be a reason why. And because you didn't know then, here are possible reasons for the attack and what you should do to avoid a similar attack.

1. Never come close to their nests or touch their chicks

You invite trouble if anything leads you to touch their nests. Especially when nesting or when they have chicks, geese can act aggressively toward people, "attacking" them when they come too close. For the sake of peace, you may consider staying away from their young ones and their nests.

2. Never walk too close to their territory

The squawking and wing spreading you often see are no empty threat. Walk too close to their territory and they will charge. They do not stop until they feel there is no longer a threat.

As a result of geese attacks, some people have had cases of broken noses, broken ribs and even deaths caused by Canada geese attacks. This shows how dangerous they can be and how far their attack can go. Be careful around them.

Incase of a goose attack:

Maintain direct eye contact and keep your chest and face pointed at the goose. If the goose acts aggressively, calmly and slowly back away. Act naturally instead of yelling, swinging at it, kicking or acting hostile.

Have you ever been attacked by a goose? How was the experience? What other thing should we avoid when around geese?

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