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Akothee Takes Her Dog To Hospital For Uterus Removal

Akothee is one of the most celebrated influencers that we have on our social media handles. She appears on the screens as a music artist and content creator who posts a lot about her lifestyle. She loves sharing sneak peaks of her daily life online. Akothee is a brand ambassador for various companies that get satisfied with her amazing marketing skills. She'd also a mother of five children that's three daughters and two sons. Her daughter Vesha lives in Kenya while the other four children stay in France for academic and financial reasons. 

Today Akothee shared a clip of her favourite dog called Salome. She said that Salome was in hospital for a while. She took her to a veterinary for uterus removal. The reason for that removal was to prevent Salome from getting more puppies. However, Akothee revealed that her dog's lawyer is still on her because she didn't consult Salome before the uterus removal. Akoth loves keeping pets especially dogs and cats that she keeps in her house. Check out the clip on her page via the following link.

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