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Meet Kenyan Lady Rachael Who Keeps 413 Cats And Celebrities Who Have Adopted Cats From Her

Ms Rachel Kibue is a mother of five who lives in Mihango, Nairobi County. In addition in her four-bedroom abode, she also keeps 413 cats.

Her passion for the animals started after her visit in India where she explained that she enrolled in yoga classes. During those classes of yoga she learnt how to show compassion to animals.

Upon coming back, in 2013 she purposed to start hosting animals. She chose cats because she had only enough space for cats. All these animals she has now, she says has been rescued in residential areas especially the festive season when owners travel and abandon the animals.

She also comes to rescue of the hit cats by a vehicles treats and stay with them. This has lead her to found a sanctuary for the animals named as 'Nairobi Feline' and employed an assistant one William Macharia who is now in charge of bringing the cats to the rescue center.

This sanctuary has a maternity wing for pregnant cats, a baby nursery for rescued kittens and a bay for the sick ones. In terms of feeding, the animals are fed twice a day with minced meat mixed with chicken and rice.

She gives them up for adoptions but under strict conditions and one cat or kitten goes for Ksh.3,000. She also offers cat boarding services for people who travel and cannot leave their cats at home. Kibue charges the service at a fee of Ksh.500.

Radio personality Alex Mwakideu is one Kenyans and celebrities who has adopted a kitten from her. When one adopts a cat or kitten, she makes a follow up to the house for 3 constructive months to ensure its taken good care of and ones has to sign an agreement with her that if they find the cat in a deplorable state to be taken with no refund whatsoever.

Although she has faced some criticism from the public, she says that she targets to expand her space and take in more vulnerable felines.

Kibue’s business may be unique but it isn’t the only one in Kenya as pet care centres and boarding facilities are slowly but surely popping up especially in urban areas such as Nairobi.

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