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3 Celebrities Who Keep Lions As Pets

When we mention a pet, the thing that runs through the minds of many people is either a dog, a cat, horse or any of the common domestic animals we know. However, you should be aware that nowadays even wild animals can be tamed. Tigers and lions are the most common tamed wild cats. Below are some of the celebrities who keep lions as pets.

1. Runtown. Some time back, the singer left people talking after he shared a video of his lion pet on Instagram. He used to share many photos of the lion when he acquired it but stopped after people started talking negatively about him.

2. Ahmed Indimi. Ahmed is president Buhari's son in law. He owns a white lion which he revealed to the public on March 2021. He shared photos of the lion and captioned it "my new pet."

3. DJ Cuppy. She is a Nigerian DJ and owns a lion pet. She received the lion from the owner of the Dubai park. The lion is still with the owner but Cuppy occasionally goes to visit it.

Can you keep a lion for a pet? For those who think that lions can't be tamed, it is absolutely true. Lions especially the white breed can be tamed. However, they need to be trained when they are young as it is difficult to train when it is old.

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