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What To Do Immediately If A Cat Bites You Or Scratches You

According to emergency medicine physicians like Stephen Sayles III, cats scratches and cats bites are very dangerous and need to be examined by health experts within 8 hours.

People are always advised to be aware of the dangers of cat bites and cat scratches because they are capable of bringing dangerous infections to the body. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cat bites and cat scratches can make you contract pasteurella bacteria that can affect the joints, hands and tendons subjecting them to a greater risks. Cat bites and scratches can also lead to cat fever, also known as cat scratch disease (CSD).

The following are what you should do if a cat bites you or scratches you:

1. Make sure to reduce the presence of bacteria in the wound that will cause infections. Do this by running a lot of water on the wound as you wash using mild soap.

2. Stop the bleeding using a clean clothe. Remember that loosing a lot of blood is very dangerous to your body because it can weaken it.

3. Apply antibiotic ointment or cream to prevent further bacteria infections in the wound.

4. Find a sterile bandage then wrap the wound. After that visit a doctor for further treatment. You are always advised to change the bandage regularly and you are required to visit the doctor immediately in case of further infections like increased pain and fever.

Stay safe from cat bites and cat scratches by taking immediate medical advises to avoid putting your life in danger.

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