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Do this Immediately A Dog Bites You

Dogs are pet animals that are found in many homestead. People love dogs since some of them are friendly and they rear them for protection,others rear dogs for hunting. Dogs are sometimes treated like human beings but you can find a situation why a dog bites you, and is what to do as first aid before going to the hospital.

Wash the bitten place or wound with running water inorder to avoid the bacteria from getting way to the wound.

Put a clean cloth on the wound to stop or slow bleeding so that you will not lose alot of blood that may cause serious injuries.

After cleaning you can apply any antibiotics on the wound either natural or any antibiotics powder or cream to kill the germs and the infections.

After you have applied the antibiotics then wrap the wound with a clean cloth to prevent air and any other germs reaching there. This will also speed up the healing of the wound.

After you have done all this as a first aid then visit the doctor to examine your wound and give you the appropriate medication. The doctor will give further instructions on how to take of the wound and what medication you will take to heal the wound.

Dogs are the best pet and acts as security at home but you need to be careful more so to the strange dogs. If a dog sees a strange person they feel threatened and they will bite you. Dog bites can be threatening it can cause even death to some is the dog has a disease called rabies.

Rabies is an infection you get from a dog bite that can cause inflammation of the human brain which can cause death if not treated early. So please avoid playing with a strange dog.

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