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Powerful Dogs That Can Protect You From Wild Animals


This dog isn't one that any human could control as it is capable of moving a car weighing 1150kgs. The Alabai is one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world, it rose 400 0 years ago. Nomadic people used Alabai's to protect their herds against wolves. So only the strongest individuals could survive and produce offspring in Uzbekistan these dogs were simply known as wolfhounds but they could even ward off a tiger.

Their height by the shoulder can reach 81 centimeters and they can weigh a maximum of 80kilograms.

Caucasian Shepherd dog

Caucasian dogs defend their territory so fiercely that they can even attack a black bear. An owner must constantly show he is stronger than his pet otherwise he might lose control over the dog.

The height of this dog reaches 90 centimeters by the shoulder against an average shepherd dog's height of 70 centimeters. Caucasian shepherd dogs continue to grow until the age of three.

Dogo Argentino.

Owning this breed has been made illegal in 10 countries due to its unhinged aggression and the difficulty of training it. In the UK you need a special permit for domesticating it. This dog was specially bred for hunting and they are even capable of going after a lion.

This dog can track prey over two days and at a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour and after all, it still has strength left to attack. The dog will not let go for as long as the prey remains alive.

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