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Animals around the world termed as bad omen.

Around the world communities have got their own superstitions and myths about animals that are bad omen. Some my Bring good luck and at the same time bad luck.

Here are examples of animals that are termed as bad luck.

1. Owls

Owls have been long seen as a bad omen in many communities around the world. A Owls hoot is considered as a sign of imminent death. In the ancient Rome the death of some roman emperors was actually foretold by an owl for example the death of Augustus and Julius Ceaser.

2. Black Cats

Am sure you are afraid of black cats and most especially at night. In the Western culture countries associate black cat with Halloween. Black cats are associated with witches and witchcraft. In various countries they see black cats as a good luck. For example in Scotland if a black cat appears to you at your doorstep then that symbolises prosperity. Or in Asia where owning a black cat means Good luck.

3. Foxes

Foxes are considered as a bad omen if only you see a group of Foxes around your home it may mean death of a family member or maybe a bad situation might occur. See one fox then you know that's Good luck.

4. Black bettle

Commonly known as 'deathwatch bettle' is considered as a bad omen. Seeing a black bettle crawling over your shoe or even tapping a wall is a sign of death or a great Storm.

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