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"Kaa Chonjo" Check What A Popular Hotel Owner Was Caught Doing With A Dog That Has Angered People

Kenyans have been left in a state of disappointment after it was revealed that a popular soup and matumbo choma vendor has been selling dog meat in the name of goat meat. Mwangi who owns a small shop in Zimmerman is a favorite of the people of the area because of his finger licking soup and roast meat.

However, today morning a neighbor spotted him slaughtering a dog behind his house and he was shocked. He immediately sent word to the police who arrived at Mwangi's apartment in minutes. When he heard a commotion outside the estate Mwangi jumped out of his house window and fled through the back gate. True to the neighbor's alert the officers found a dog that Mwangi was preparing for his customers.

When the neighbors were interviewed they said that Mwangi has been running the business for seven years and none of them thought he would slaughter dogs in the name of goats and give them the meat. The police are looking for the man who went missing immediately his secret was revealed.

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