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The Science Of Dogs Sensing Good People

Many people wonder if dogs have a sixth sense. They are so good at understanding the needs of humans. They sometimes understand these needs before the humans are even aware of them! Dogs use their powerful sense of smell to help them make inferences about the climate of the current situation.

Dogs have a lot more smell detectors than humans do. Dogs have around 600 million olfactory receptors while humans have less than 10 million. This is a huge difference, and it explains a lot about all of the ways dogs gather information.

Dogs can even smell the rise and fall of certain brain chemicals in humans. For example, they can tell when someone is producing more oxytocin than usual. Oxytocin is released when we feel good. It creates feelings of love and happiness. Dogs know when someone is feeling this way, and they tend to get in a good mood as well.

Perhaps most impressive (even more impressive than 600 million smell detectors) is the way dogs are able to connect how we look to who we are. When a person has open body language and a smile on their face, your dog is more likely to trust and like him.

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