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Why do dogs freeze and bow?

The dog lowers its chest to the ground but keeps its rear end in the air. The pose is usually accompanied by a sudden freeze, eye contact and possibly a little bark.

This is a specific body language signal that dogs use. It tells other dogs (or humans!) that their intentions are friendly. The dog wants to play!

Play bowing is an instinctive behavior that doesn't have to be trained. But humans can learn it too! If you want to play with your dog, this pose could help communicate that.

They also freeze when they’re working, which is the key to understanding this. They also freeze in show positions, which plays off the fact that their show positions mimic their working positions. So when a dog freezes, that says what the dog is to other dogs. Literally.Dogs read each other’s flex.

And dogs are capable of intense focus, so they can hold a pose better than we can. When a dog is working, that pose has clear intent.Just remember all those poses come from idealized dog poses that dogs read because that is the level at which they think. It’s what they can grasp.One of my favorite examples is tests of how dogs see people over distance: from the way you move. They can’t see the details but they can grasp the image of you by the poses you make in motion.

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