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Why Male Dogs Lick Themselves And Different Ways They Communicate to Their Keepers

Dog are pets kept at home which was the first domesticated by man because of their usefulness such as providing security, hunting among others. Due to their very high intelligent, they are currently trained professionally on various functions like searching of the guns and other crude weapons with alot of ease and understanding. They two have different ways of communicating to the keeper. Example includes:

1. Licking their nose. This happens mostly when the meal that they took is little interms of quantity hence it's a request for the additional.

2. They also employs various barking styles to tell the owner the magnitude of the impending danger. If barks are vigorous and they are producing so much roaring sound, don't dare move out the house as the threat is even more closer.

3. Dab their reproduction parts. It is majorly witnessed with the male one when they are relaxing and very satisfied with life. This might be a message that all is well, he has matured and has extra energy they can use to reproduce.

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