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Confusion In Kisauni, Mombasa As Residents Encounter A Camouflaging Cat

Members of Kisauni were left in shock after they saw a cat that actually has the unique ability to switch the colour of it's fur to directly look alike and camouflage with the colour of anything around it.

According to the owner of the cat, a woman in Safari, claims to have never been aware of such strange ability of her cat.This trait was realized by a student at Technical University Of Mombasa who has recently moved in one of the woman's rental houses.This said cat had a habit of coming into his house on many occasions, until today in the morning the cat came, it was usually black in colour, but after sometime, the owner of the house actually saw a brown cat laying under his table playing with his laptop charger. He was shocked to see it turned to brown, a colour similar to the table and the floor it was laying on.

Residents are struggling to come to terms with this idea while some term the woman as ritualist, the woman however claims she has had this cat and has never witnessed anything like that.

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