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How 5 hens can change your life to be a billionaire.

Being rich does not mean you wake up one day and you be rich instantly that way. You have to start from one point to the other. This is how you can do it with 5 hens.

First l remember when l was young my grandmother told me to start with one hen, l thought she was pranking me it didn't take long before l have chicks. After 8 months again l could count my self lucky l was having 4 hens breeding. I waited for 2 years to see the result now am talking l have 8 goats and 3 sheep have sell some also. So being rich you have to sacrifice and wait for the time to come.

This is how you can start with 5 hens, chose 3 hens and 2 cock wait for 1 month. The 3 will lay eggs let's say each has laid 10 that's 30, out this 30 count 10-15 to survive.

Take another 2 months wait for them and see the result you will realize within 1 year if your feeding them well you will have 150 hens. You can start booking big hotels now to supply them with hens and cocks within 1 year you will surprise some people how rich your becoming. Little did they know you started your project with 5 hens.

You can venture into a another project a gain by expanding it

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