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How to Earn Good Profits From Rabbit Rearing in Kenya

Rabbits are little known animals to be consumed in Kenya but their benefits will make them be consumed more. Their meat have low fat and high protein content and are highly recommended rather than red meat.

Rabbits are the cheapest animals to keep. In this article I will show you how to keep these animals and earn from them. Personally, I have already started keeping them after learning the basics.

You need to construct a good rabbit house which is capital intensive. Then you need to identify the breeds that gain weight faster like the California White, Newzealand White and the Flemish giant. It is advisable to buy from a reputable supplier to avoid being tricked.

Image: rabbits feeding

If you start with two females and one male you can end up with more than 60 rabbits at the end of the year if well taken care of. A rabbit can give birth 4 times in a year with as many as 7 or more bunnies each time. Its gestation period is 1 month. Then it takes care of the young ones for 1 month and from there it can be serviced once more.

Rabbits majorly feed on hay which is generally cheap, 150-200sh per bale. It is supplemented with rabbit pellets which cost 50sh per kilo. They also love eating greens which is not advisable since it can cause bloat. You can give them a little greens like cabbages leaves, kales and sweet potato vines.

Photo courtesy: Kibuku rabbit farm

Rabbits can be kept for meat, skin, urine and manure. A kilo of meat goes for 500-700 sh. A mature rabbit of 6months can weigh about 4kgs. When you slaughter them, you can also sell their skin to leather industries. You can decide to sell it live to other people, school clubs at a cost of 2500 each. At 2months, a bunny goes for around 700 sh which is much profitable.

A rabbit produces 0.3litres of urine per day. This will be profitable for largescale. With 1000 rabbits, thats 300litres daily. 1litre goes for 100sh. You can earn 30,000sh a day from urine alone. Manure can also be sold. The urine is very important in the manufacture of fertilizer and pesticides. Most farmers prefer to buy urine directly and they mix it with water which they spray their crops, 1litre of urine with 3 litres of water. Its smell irritates pest. Rabbit urine is better than chemical pesticides since even after spraying you can consume the produce since urine is organic.

Image: a good rabbit house

You will need to construct a good rabbit house whereby you will be able to collect urine and this also makes the house clean since rabbits are clean animals. Just like chicken, keep people away from the farm to avoid diseases. You have to keep records of your rabbits and ensure there is no inbreeding.

Let's feed the city since the money is now in the farm. City jobs are overwhelmed. Share widely so that it can reach the youth out there. Comment and let us educate each other. Follow my blog for more updates. Thank you.

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