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How to Hatch Many Chicks

The rearing of chicken depends on several factors but the output should be more than input if you are to consider your venture successful.

Most chicken farmers would love to have many chicks but lack of resources could deter them from achieving their goals.

In this article, you will be getting ways of hatching as many chicks as possible without an incubator. These are the tricks I use to hatch many chicks.

1. Closed Cubicle House

This is important so that the chicken will be moving out when you want that way the eggs won't go bad. If you leave it open, most hens will be wandering and this will result to lower chicks output.

2. Feeding

It is paramount for the hen to be fed to prevent it from leaving the eggs many times during the day. Periodically, feed the hen whenever it takes a break.

3. Chicken Psychology

This is my favourite secret that I will share here today. Did you know you can make your hen go for two or more cycles? What you need is fresh eggs and once the hen has completed hatching, take the chicks and provide them with fresh eggs.

Apart from the above, ensure you vaccinate your chicks and give them chick mash in the first two weeks.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. Please leave a comment in the comment section and share the tricks you use in hatching more chicks.

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Chicken Psychology Cubicle House


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