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Unique things you should know about rabbit farming in Kenya

Rabbit meat is highly rich in protein. Recently many Kenyans have embraced this farming.According to current market, it will cost you sh 500-600 to buy a kilo of rabbit meat.

Starting a rabbit farm in Kenya is very simple all you need is a hutch and rabbits [doe and buck].

There are various breed used for commercial purpose : Flemish giant ,new Zealand and California white.Also we have other local breeds.

When making rabbit house ensure there is proper ventilation,heating cooling system and enough lighting.Also ensure there is enough space for reproduction,feeders and drinkers.

Create an extra room for giving birth.

When making a rabbit room ensure you have a means of collecting urine which is used as folio fertilizer.

Rabbit food is readily available,you can feed them kitchen leafy waste materials .Also you can feed them commercial food available in the market.

Buck and Doe must stay together for inducing and mating, at least for two weeks then, they are separated.Doe can give birth up to 8 young ones,which will take 5 months to mature.

A mature rabbit weigh up to 6 kilograms, which you can sell at 500 per kilograms.

Common disease that affect rabbits is respiratory problems.To protect them from this disease ensure there is minimum visitation.Maintain high level of hygiene.Keep away predators such as dogs and cats.

Rabbit farming has many benefits ,they include:source of income,highly nutritious,feeding cost is low.

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