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Bad News As Details Emerged Reveals Domestic Animals Whose Saliva Is Poisonous

Kenyans keep a variety of domestic animals including pets and farm animals that are raised for profit.

Kenya is a mainly agricultural country making it quite simple to obtain a farm animal.

18.8 million cattle, 26.7 million goats, 18.9 million sheep 3.2 million camels 44.6 million chickens 1.9 million donkeys, 0.5 million pigs, and an unknown number of companion, game and aquatic animals make up the country's animal population, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

When adopting a pet or purchasing a farm animal many Kenyans forget to check to see if the animals might hurt people or spread disease.

Kenyan veterinarian caring for baby camels. examined three often domesticated animals whose deadly saliva can infect people.


In terms of saliva the pig is the most deadly domesticated animal. This is due to the fact that its saliva can spread through the air unlike other types.

Pig saliva can exist as an aerosol that you might inhale and is very contagious.

According to studies from Iowa State University of Veterinary Medicine, diseases like rabies, giardiasis, balantidiasis, and influenza can be spread through the saliva (2022).


Dogs one of the most popular household pets in Kenya and one of man's greatest friends also have toxic saliva.

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