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Why A Dog Hangs Its Tongue When The Weather Is Very Hot

Dogs are one of the most rare animals in the world. In every country, there are thousands of dogs which are of different breeds. People rare dogs for different purposes depending on where they come from.

I am sure you have observed the behavior of dogs even when you don't own one. When it is hot, dogs pant a lot while their tongue hangs out. Why do you think they do this? I will give you some explanation of why they do this.

Dogs unlike other animals have few or no sweat glands on their skin. This means that sweating does not contribute much to the cooling of their bodies. Therefore panting helps to regulate the temperature during a hot weather.

As the dog pants, the saliva evaporates cooling the blood flowing through it veins. As more blood flows to the tongue it is cooled and this way the whole body gets rid of the excess temperature.

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