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Comedian Noise Maker Causes Online Stir, After He Posted This

Popular comedian noise maker has caused an Online stir after he tweeted this hilarious meme which has since gone viral and has been going round recently.

In his tweet the comedian used the popular stereotype about men, by jokingly comparing men to dogs.

The comedian went on to argue that if all men were to be dogs then the light skin would be the 'Chiwawas'. Chiwawa is a dog breed which has more fur in the body and they are more soft compared to other breeds of dogs.

The funny comedian went on to add more nicknames on his comments section. He went on to labelled the luos as German Shepherd, an exotic breed of dogs which are known to decently perform well as guard dogs.

One twitter user added "wakale then would have been T9"

Another one added, " Haki is umechomea wanaume why compared them to dogs"

The final netizens pointed that" Thats funny,,, mimi ningekuwa chiwawa definitely."

The popular comedian has been known to engage his social media fanbase, regularly throwing funny jibes and memes to crack their ribs.

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Chiwawa German Shepherd Haki


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