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They Are Executive Puppets, Puppies And Poodles; Nelson Havi Launches Attack On Dagorette South Mp

When it comes to politics we all should understand how the game it's played. They say politics it's a dirty game and one should be prepared when 'shit' is thrown in their side they should be able to bounce back and not stuck.

Dagorette south member of parliament has found himself in hot soup with LSK Nelson Havi following a question he asked on the floor of the house."Who oversights NMS finances? Is it the Nairobi Assembly or the National Assembly? Why is Sh1.97 billion for NMS moving through the President's Office?"

In response to that question, Nelson Havi has launched an attack on Hon. John kierie by stating people should elect someone with leadership values and knowledge. "Next time elect someone with leadership values and knowledge of the law. The National Assembly and the Senate ought to have questioned the creation of this entity but they have not and will not do so. They are Executive puppets, puppies and poodles."Nelson claims.

Dagorette South Mp John Kiarie is likely to bounce back and comment on Nelson Havi tweet. Does Havi say kairie has zero knowledge and leadership skills? Comment your thoughts and views regarding this.

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