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Have You Heard Of The Silkie Chicken? One Chick Is Almost Your Monthly Salary

Silkie chicken is commonly known for it's furry feathers and appareance. Their fur is as soft as the rabbits and it grows in ample. These chicken were discovered in the ancient Chinese and people became interested to learn about it and also to keep it.

Silkie chicken are mostly kept for meat but not eggs. They lay a maximum of a hundred and twenty eggs per year or rather two to three eggs per week. What makes it unique is that it's meat is said to be medicinal and mostly it's bones are used by the Chinese to make drugs. The Silkie chicken have a dark skin making it's meat dark.

What makes Silkie chicken more special is that it's worthy five thousand for a chick and Twenty five thousand for a grown up chicken. It's life span is about seven to eight years. Another thing about silkie chicken is that it makes a very good pet, most people keep as pets. What's your opinion about that, would you buy it? For more updates like ,comment and follow

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