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Ways of Controling Poultry Diseases

Good Hygiene. Maintain the coop of the house as best as possible. Once in a while spray the coop starting from the ceiling, then the walls and later spray the floor. It is advisable to use chlorinated water so that one can kill bacteria that build up and transmit diseases.

Give your poultry clean water. Poultry needs clean water to help in digestion of the food and also to increase appetite. When they do eat they become immune to some diseases. To ensure also no pathogens or bacteria in the Chickens body you can always on a daily basis supply your chicken with chlorinated water.

Gumboro disease you can restrict movement of people into the farm because they can be carriers of the disease and if it is a must they enter make sure they disinfect. Always isolate new birds in the flock for observation. Incase of any unfamiliar behavior inform the veterinary doctor.

Fowl pox. Remove any bush or stagnating water near your chicken coop so that you can remove any breeding site for mosquito because they transmit Fowl pox to birds.

Newcastle Disease. Always ensure you follow the vaccination schedule as advised.

The methods above will help your chicken to be very immune to diseases.

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Good Hygiene


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