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Pour These Around Your House To Chase Snakes Away

Snakes are very dangerous animals to human beings. With only one bite from the snake, this could cost your life. Snakes live in the forest but some times crawl into people's houses. They sneak into people's compounds to look for food like eggs from the birds at home. In the process of looking for food, some people step them by bad luck and are bitten by the snakes. To avoid all these, there are always ways that you can use to keep the Snakes aways from your compound. Before calling professional people to help you, use these ways at home and they will keep away Snakes.

1: Ammonia

Ammonia has a very strong odor that irritates. This smell irritates the snakes. Sprinkle ammonia around your house and in areas where snakes are likely to pass. You can also sock small rugs in ammonia and put them in areas where snakes can pass to your house.

2: Vinegar

Vinegar is a sour liquid formed by the fermentation of alcohol. Vinegar near water bodies is very good in repelling snakes away. Pour vinegar around your swimming pool or around any water body in your home.

3: Lime

Mix lime with hot pepper and this will repel away snakes. The fumes produced by the mixture of lime and hot pepper causes an itching effect on the skin of the snake. Sprinkle the mixture around your home and near the fence areas.

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