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Secret On How To Raise 150 Chickens In Every Month.

Poultry farming practice is the only business that you can start with a little capital and earn more profit in a short period of time. Many people see it as a sector that doesn't pay much, but the true fact is poultry farming pays alot compared to other businesses.

Today we are going to have a discussion on how you can raise over 150 chickens in every month and you will thank me later after the discussion. When you have around twenty hens, this is a good start to raise as many chicks as you can. One hen can lay around 20 to 30 eggs and you need only to give your hens 15 eggs per hen so that it can hatch. A good hen can hatch around ten to twelve chicks, where by having twenty hens that's roughly 150 - 200 chicks at once.

Those chicks should be put in a good condition and be provided with chick mash for them to grow faster and also vaccination should be done to avoid diseases on your birds. When this chicks are under good care, they will all mature within three to four months. This means that, within a month you will have 150 and above chicken for you to raise waiting to sell them when they reach the size of sell. One hen can be sold at 550 to 600 shillings while a cock can be sold at 850 to 1000 shillings per each. This means you will make alot of money and continue smiling as other people complain of not having money.

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