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These Are The Most Venomous and Poisonous Fish species Globally

When we mention the word fish, one may vividly imagine feasting on a very tantalizing delicacy. But that's not the case for today. Very little is known of Venomous and Poisonous fish species. Let's start by differentiating the two terms of Venomous and Poisonous. Do you know their differences? A Venomous fish is a fish that when it bites you, you die while a Poisonous fish is a fish that when you bite it you die.

The stone fish.

It is not a guarantee that being the largest Sea creature you will also be the biggest threat ever. The stone fish which weighs about 2kg and measures 30-40cm long is the world's most venomous fish. This fish inhabits mostly the coastal marine waters of Japan, Australia, Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and indo-pacific waters. They also can be found in some rivers- Amazon river. Stone fish rarely use their venom to hunt down their prey. They ambush their prey within a spur of a moment before swallowing them whole. Their venom is used as a defence mechanism. It is released with direct proportionality with the amount of pressure applied on their spines by either a predator or a human leg or hand. This fish has an uncommon trait among all fishes for it survives up to 24hours while out of water. However, some asians are still feasting on it but on strict cooking regulations to render the food venom free.

The puffer.

This variety of fish is known for its inflation by air or water. Puffers are known to be found in warm temperate regions.They usually have a pricky surface and may upto 90cm long. Many of these fish species are toxic and contain tetraodontoxin saturated in their internal organs. Although this poisonous substance can cause death, puffers are used as food in Korea and Japan. They are prepared by licensed and trained chefs. Annually, people often try eating them.

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