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Here is the Reason why Horses May Remain a Royal Animal Forever

An horse is the ancient most cherished animal which was associated with the royal family. It was owned by the most honored persons in the society and the Millitary personnel of a given kingdom. However, upto date, their are many people in the society who have not set their eyes on an horse because it is mostly associated with the noble individual.

Anyone who owns an horse will probably tell you the initial cost of the riding horse is really expensive, keeping an horse is a luxury to many to people. Purchasing an horse costs upto 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars. There are a number of factors the costs of horses. Horses are being bought and sold by stud farms.

The horse price is influenced by maintenance costs. This includes costs of buying horse feeds, payment of training fee and the veterinarian costs of checking the horse health.

This costs is what makes horse continue being rich man's prestigious animal, considering the level of living costs most people incur in day to day.

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