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Top five animals that kill humans

One of the causes of human death is attack by animals. So what are the five animals that have killed alot of human beings.

1. Mosquitoes.

Mosquitos are the biggest killer because they spread diseases easily and quickly.A mosquito bite can lead to deadly conditions like malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever.Malaria by itself is responsible for more than half of mosquito-related deaths. it is estimated mosquitoes causes 750,000 deaths annually.

# getty image of a mosquito.

2. Human beings

Murder cases have been heard across the country and globally. This predicament is caused by human beings alone. The number of deaths caused by human beings is more than 400,000 a year.

3. Snakes.

Snakes are venomous creatures that can kill humans instantly because of their poisonous venom. That is the reason why many people fear snakes.Snakes are thought to kill around 100,000 people each year but the number could be much higher as reliable data from all countries with deadly reptiles has been difficult to obtain.

Getty image of a snake.

4. Dogs.

They say that dog can be a man's best friend but death cases related to dog bites are not uncommon. Infact ,dogs can spread rabies through scratching and biting.Around 99 per cent of rabies cases are caused by dogs, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Number of casualties related to dogs is estimated to be around 35,000 deaths per year.

5. Snails.

There are different types of snails, but some can be harmful to human beings. Freshwater snails carry parasitic worms that can give people a disease called schistosomiasis.This occurs when larval forms of the parasite penetrate the skin when victims come into contact with infested water.

The disease is most commonly found in Africa, Asia and South America where millions of people contract it each year leading to thousands of deaths. It is estimated that these types of snails cause 20,000 deaths yearly.

A picture of fresh water snails.

In summary humans beings are prone to attack by wild animals so care must be taken when visiting areas that are animals habitat.

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