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Imagine How Human Beings Would Look Like If They Evolved From Different Animals (Photos)

One evidence that supports evolution is the occurrence of fossil records. These records of skulls and bones reveal that at one time there existed intermediate forms between humans and their ancestors thus implying that the earliest ancestors of man were chimpanzees. That's why by comparing the skull of the chimpanzees and that of man you will actually trace some similarities.

But has it ever occurred to you how human beings would look like if they evolved from different animals apart from chimpanzees? Through this article I will highlight all that and try to clear the air about this issue.

The study of the relationship between facial features in different animals is known as Physiognomy. One great philosopher who was interested in knowing more about this field was Charles Le Brun who drew fascinating images showing how humans would look like if they evolved from different animals. Following are some of his drawings that actually are worth the look.

1) Lion

2) A raccoon

3) Eagle

4) Ram

5) Bull

6) Goat

7) Rabbit

8) Donkey

9) Owl

10) Bear

Now you have a glimpse of how human beings would look like. Do you agree with Charles Le Brun's drawings? If yes, which animal would you prefer to have evolved from? Kindly remember to drop your most appreciated views on the comments section as you continue to share this article. Be blessed.

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Eagle Ram


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