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Scariest Creatures In The Ocean

Sea life is the plants, animals and other organisms that live in the salt water of the sea. Below are some of the scariest sea creatures.Viper fish- is a deep sea fish that remain still in the water, and they attract their prey using a natural light at the end of their long dorsal spine that flashes on and off above their head. They have long teeth that making it hard for them to close their mouth.Wet wipe monster- some of the monsters are big like a double decker bus, blocking the sewers.Red toothed triggerfish- its a small and cute fish that feeds on plankton and sponges.Sarcastic fringehead - It is harmless when is not provoked and actually posses no threat to humans. However, when the fish is agitated it will open its massive mouth to fend off the predators.Black dragonfish- Has a frightening appearance of an alien-like creature with razor-sharp teeth. It lives deep in the ocean and even can produce its own light.

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