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The Most Expensive Insect In The World And How Much It Costs

In recent times pets have become a big companion of humans and they spend a lot of time with them. Some people can not hesitate to spend thousands of money on the pets if they want to keep them. Some pets have been bought for millions of money and some people wonder why someone would use such a big amount of money on a small animal.

In this article we shall look at the stag beetle whose price can buy you luxurious cars. Although many people have no love for insects some are competing to have them as their pets and the stag beetle has been at the top of the list. This insect which measures only 2 to 3 inches long can make you a millionaire.

The stag beetle is a rare species of its kind and this is why it is so expensive. To make it distinct from the other members of its species the beetle has horns that grow from its black head. A Japanese breeder of stag beetles a few years ago sold one of this insect at $89,000. This was an expensive price and since then people have been looking for this insect as their are many buyers waiting.

Have you ever seen this insect anywhere? If you have your can sell it and become a millionaire instantly.

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