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Why Do Roosters Faint After Mating

Did you know that roosters can faint after mating, which could be funny to think, but it is not. There is a chance that a rooster can faint after mating because of several reasons. Also, the worst-case scenario that might happen after mating is that the rooster might die from mating!

But why do roosters might die after mating if it is just mating after all? And they just do one kiss then the mating is done, right? How could this happen?

Why do roosters faint or die after mating? Roosters can faint or die after mating if they put in lots of effort during mating. They will faint if they feel too tired, and there is also a chance that roosters might die after mating because of heart attacks.

Roosters that are not healthy have a chance to get a heart attack after mating. Old age and heredity is also a factor why roosters die or faint after mating. If your chicken is too old to mate, but they still force to mate, they might have a heart attack and can die from it.

Always check your rooster’s health, age, and past relatives before you put them in a cage with hens for mating. If your rooster has a relative in the past that has died because of mating, then it is not good for your rooster to mate.

On the other side, if your rooster has no past relatives that have died because of painting, then he is good to go to mate. However, always make sure that your rooster is healthy and not too old before they start mating.

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