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Check Out For The Immediate Rat Killer

Rats are tiny harmful animals and can be very harmful if you live with them inside your house. Sometimes we don't even notice when they enter into houses and within a short period of time they multipy so fast. That's when the problem starts because when they are many, doing away with them can be such a hard task to do. There is no need of buying poisons to kill them which in turn can be very harmful not only to the kids but also to the adults in the house including your pets. Today i have come up with such a simple natural way to help you get rid of them, check out below;

Requirements: salt, powdered chocolate or flour, sugar, gloves and bowl


1. The first and important thing is to wear your gloves as a protective gear.

2. Pour either, the powdered chocolate or flour into a plate or bowl. The content should not be that much.

3. Pour atleast 2 -3 tablespoons of salt and any detergent of your choice into the powder.

4. Mix up the content properly until it's good enough.

That's all you need, your rat killer is ready. All you need is to put it around the hiding places for these tiny rodents and you will be amazed with the results.Thank me later.

Content created and supplied by: BenDanish (via Opera News )

Rat Killer


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