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Meet A Man Who Has Modified His Body To Resemble His Bird

Ted Parrotman Richards from Bristol, U.K. He decided to change his appearance to resemble his favourite animal, a parrot. He spent years undergoing plastic surgery in an effort to look like the birds.

The man has taken his love of parrots to an extreme choice to remove his ears. He has 110 tattoos, 50 piercings, a tongue that has been split down the middle and a surgical implant under his scalp in the shape of a starfish. Doctors stated that the removal of his ears took 6 hours in operation room.

He later risked going blind by having his eyes colored with tattoo ink. The reason behind this to look alike with his bird.

He motivates people that having a positive mind will always make you succeed in any project you intend to do.

He sees that it's not enough. He says that he will go to an extra mile of reconstructing his nose to resemble a bird’s beak.

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Bristol Ted Parrotman Richards U.K.


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