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Rare Mammal Species Found In Desert (photos)

Sahara desert is the world's largest hot desert, covering much of North Africa. The Sahara's environment requires that the wildlife adapt to hyper-arid conditions and wide temperature swings. Most of the mammals found in the Sahara desert are relatively small, which helps to miminize water loss. They often meet their water needs from their diets.The Mule deer is a common resident of the deserts of North America. They are a large, stout animal with large ears and a tail tipped with black. The mule deer carries its tail drooped unlike other deer species. Their antlers are usually smaller than other variety of deer. They can be found in both the desert flatland as well as mountainous desert Ares.California leaf-nosed bat at commonly found across the North American deserts. Because of their short, broad wings they do not migrate like many other bat species. Instead they live year round in the caves, old mine shafts and rocky shelters found throughout the desert.

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