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How to be a Millionaire by just starting up with rearing one hen.

One can just change his/her life by just starting with one hen with a cock. Follow this article and you will realize everything is possible only you to believe on yourself and have energy to do it

Starting with one hen and a cock, make sure you feed your hen well in order to lay eggs, I am talking about pure Kienyeji here because it sleeps to its eggs,

Now the pure Kienyeji can lay around 10-15 eggs within a month, then it starts sleeping on its eggs and you may decide to give it 15 eggs, then by the end of 21 days you will have 15 chicks. Feed them well and do vaccination frequently and they will grow up very fast and because you vaccinated them mortality rate will be low.

After Another one month separate the chicks from the mother and feed well to start laying again in that month, give another 15 eggs to hutch, in three months you will have 30 chicks and after 4-5 months the 15 chicks will have to hutch other chicks provided no cocks in them, you will just calculate 15x15 and you will have a good number of hens after some few months

Try this and I know you will never regret, but remember to maintain hygiene and vaccination to your chicks and adults hens.

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