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Earn Fast Cash Through a Profitable Rabbit Farming Business, How to Start

 Rabbit farming is upcoming business venture that is slowly gaining popularity due to increased demand in rabbit meat and skin. Rabbit meat is a good source of vitamins B3 and B12, minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. It contains more fatty acids than chicken or pork. They grow very fast and mature within 4 months. A little investment in this business will earn you good money in one year. So how do you start?


The type of breed you chose determines the amount of profit you attain. Researchers advise that California white, New Zealand White and Flemish giant are the best commercial breeds. You need to know which breed you want you start rabbit business. Remember that commercial breeds give birth within 30 days and gives birth to 2 to 10 offspring. To reduce in breeding rabbits older than six months should be separated from each other.


Any animal needs a clean and neat house for it to be productive. Rabbits should feel comfortable to grow faster. Male and females should be separated from each other so ensure you have enough cages. Ensure the cage is big enough for rabbits to walk around comfortably. The measurements should be at least 12 square feet by 32 square feet.


This is the most important aspect in commercial rabbit farming. Feeding your rabbits on balance diet not only promote healthier growth but also boosts their productivity. Feed them on pellets, hay, plant leaves and mineral supplements. The diet should be served on a clean place and provided with clean water.


To keep the rabbits healthy, vaccinate them regulary. Resist giving the dirty or expired food. You should also monitor their behavior to look out for potential symptoms for diseases. 

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California Flemish New Zealand White


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