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Domestic Animals Whose Saliva You Should Not Come into Contact With

Many Kenyans keep domestic animals and most of the times stay close to them. Research shows that the animals can expose people to health hazards if caution is not observed.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, there are several millions of animals that are kept by Kenyans but can prove to be dangerous. The animals which are very dangerous if serious precaution is not taken include pigs, dogs and cats.

There are many things that have been said about pigs and according to Iowa State University of Veterinary Medicine, a pig’s saliva is the most dangerous. A pig’s can transmit infections such as influenza, balantidiasis, giardiasis and rabies. The most dangerous thing with the saliva from the pig is that it can be inhaled in the air from respiratory droplets released by the pig.

Many individuals are close to dogs and cats but their saliva is also poisonous and can cause harm. In a dog’s mouth there are dangerous bacteria which are zoonotic. When the bacteria is passed to humans then it can cause diseases.

A cat’s saliva can also cause cat scratch disease. The infection is caused by bacterium in the saliva. Contact with the saliva can cause redness on the skin and swelling.

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