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Do This Immediately If A Cat Bites You Or Scratches You

Emergency medicine physicians like Stephen Sayles III advises that cat bites and cat scratches must be treated by qualified health experts before 8 hours elapse. This is because cat bites and cat scratches can cause dangerous infections like pasteurella bacteria and cat fever to the victim making his or her life in danger. Do the following immediately if a cat bites or scratches you:

1. Find mild soap and wash the wound thoroughly using a lot of water to kill any present bacteria to avoid any further infections.

2. In case of excessive bleeding, you need to stop it using a clean cotton clothe.

3. Apply an antibiotic cream on the wound to prevent bacterial infections.

4. Wrap the wound with a sterile bandage that you must change frequently after you have visited a doctor for further treatment. Always check if the wound is becoming worse by experiencing increased pain or even fever then report to a doctor immediately.

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