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Pregnancy period

Best Methods And Strategies Of Caring For Pregnant Cows For Maximum Performance After Calving

Pregnancy period is a very crucial period in the life of an expectant cow as well as the calf to come. If good methods and strategies are not employed early enough then chances are high that the cow or the calf might be lost. This might also lead to a malnutritionized calf that will have several complications in its growth period.

These good methods and strategies should be employed because adequate health care, attention and nutrition can ensure rapid growth of female calf as well as attaining puberty stage at an early age. This should also be done to ensure that the feotus develops rapidly in the womb during the last trimester period of pregnancy.

For healthy and strong calves, ensure you feed your pregnant cow on a balanced ration. This will ensure that the cow healthy even after calving. Other than proper feeding, ensure that you treat the animal incase of any sign of disease infection. This will as well lead to a healthy calf.

Provide clean, fresh and adequate water for the animal. That is, the clean water should be made available for the animal to drink at will. The room should also be specious enough such that no sharp objects can interfere with the animal.

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