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How To Control Gumboro [Infectious Bursal Disease] And Newcastle Disease In Poultry


Infectious An avibirnavirus (IBDV) that damages young chicks' immune systems is the cause of bursal illness. The bursa of Fabricius, a crucial component of the chicken immune system, is where the virus primarily targets and kills immature B cells.

Easy Techniques How To Manage

1) Limit the quantity of guests who come to your property. If the flock contains Gumboro, it may spread to the others. If they are forced to access your farm, make sure they are first cleaned up.

2) If you add a new bird to a flock, isolate it for 14 days so you may check on its health.

3) Comply with the vaccination regimen prescribed by the veterinarian. Vaccinating sick animals will not make them better, and neither will your flocks.

4) If you ever need chicks, make sure to buy them from farms who give them the Gumboro vaccine so you can safeguard them during the first two weeks.

5) If you find a sick bird, let it alone and seek medical attention.

An infectious disease that affects people is called Newcastle disease.

1) Vaccinate your chicks after two weeks, then again after two weeks, and then again on week 24.

2) Vaccinate every member of your flock four times a year, or three times. You can vaccinate your chicken as well in case there is an outbreak in your region.

3) Sometimes sanitize and clean chicken housing and equipment.

4) limits on access to your farm.

5) To ensure that a new bird does not infect other flocks if it becomes unwell, isolate it for at least 14 days while observing its behavior.

6) Because they are more likely than any other flock to contract the illness, keep chickens apart from other flocks.

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